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The GLO Show is the GLO album brought to the stage in a multi-media, part electronic musical, live docu-style experience. Based on a true story, we go on a magical journey through the darkness of self doubt, breaking free of the shackles-of-should and ultimately confronting and accepting death as a catalyst for living more.  Not only that, but after the live performance we have a full on electronic dance party to integrate and dance with one another. We want to pour our hearts out and create with you to create space for more GLO on the planet. We hope you will join us. 

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Growing up with body issues and depression, Venetia had never actually stopped "doing" until life stopped her in her tracks with a thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2013. She got surgery (no worries all good now!) and having the operation so close to her vocal chords set her on a path of changing her life and starting to pursue her music. That is, until a few more setbacks...

In 2014 her aunt - who was like a second mother to her - was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Venetia cared for her for 8 months before being with her for her final breath in 2015. Then in 2017, just as she was launching her first album, a benign tumor was discovered in Venetia's jaw which set her forth on a healing journey until now.  Each of these experiences significantly altered the course of her life and the way she was showing up. She now loves to share her personal journey through her art in hopes that others going through hard experiences don't have to feel so alone.  

The GLO album takes us through Venetia's diagnosis, her confrontation with death,  and the changes she made in her life on her way to finding and sharing what makes her GLO: her music. 



Venetia - live vocals, lyrics, composition

Sam Simon - live electronics, original beats

Basti - live piano, original beats

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