Venetia, Simon and Basti come together through music TO CREATE UNIQUE ENVIRONMENTs of sound, movement and interaction to connect people to one another and themselves.

Venetia was working in marketing for ten years and had long ago forgotten about being a musician until a thyroid cancer diagnosis changed everything in 2013. Ever since then her journey has been about finding her way back to her fullest expression and her music. The GLO project is her first show and the album, her debut album. A self taught pianist and vocalist and sometimes violinist, Venetia hopes that by stepping into the places that scare her it inspires others to do the same.


Simon has been playing the piano since his childhood and he is working as a graphic designer and video editor in Berlin. For the DJ-Team "Blaenks“ he cut some club videos and moreover he is doing all the graphics for Vizard. On stage he controls Ableton.


Bastian has also been playing the piano since his childhood. He played in three different bands during his musical career. That is why he is playing the piano and the synthesizer on stage.